15 pieces | 5 Recipes | Serves 2-3


15 pieces | 5 Recipes | Serving 2-3 People

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A selection of Fine Sandwich Bites
Vegan & Vegetarian Options Available

15 pieces | 5 Recipes | Serving 2-3 People


Includes the following recipes:

1. Poached Salmon with Confit & Pickled Shallots: Olive oil poached salmon mixed with house made lemony mayonnaise, confit and pickled shallots, capers and dill

2. Egg Salad & Mushroom Marmalade: Egg salad with house made mayonnaise, roasted and aromatic mushroom marmalade and fresh chives

3. Roasted Chicken with Marinated Artichoke & Mustard Seed Sprout: Roasted chicken salad, house made smoked paprika mayonnaise, marinated artichokes and preserved lemons topped with mustard seed sprouts

4. Sprouted Lentil & Walnut Pâté | Vegan Pâté: made with sprouted lentils, roasted mushrooms and toasted walnuts topped with fresh parsley and roasted walnuts

5. Whipped Ricotta & Almond Dukkah: Ricotta cheese whipped with preserved lemon and thyme, topped with fresh radish slices, picked dill and almond dukkah